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waterdistribution water pump plant water tank district offices
SLCWD Water Distribution Scheme: Water is pulled in to the water plant from Lake Serena (1)
----The ph is adjusted using Sodium Carbonate (soda ash).
----Taste and odor are controlled with Potassium Permanganate.
----A polymer is added to coagulate dirt particles.
----Water moves to the water treatment plant (3).
----It is double filtered with sand and activated charcoal.
----Chlorine is added.
----Zinc orthophosphate is added to control corrosion of galvanized pipes and disintegration of asbestos/cement mains. Water is stored in a 475,000 gallon tank. (2) Water moves to 300,000 gallon tank (4) above Pahatsi. From the hillside tank the water is distributed to homes in Serene Lakes.

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