Library of Important SLCWD Documents
Public Records Act Request Guidelines
Why Sewage Treatment is so expensive at high altitude - PDF written by the DSPUD
What Can I Do to Save Money?
Water consumption over time and number of houses in Serene Lakes over time.
Connection History Serene Lakes - how many houses when
Map of SLCWD property in Serene Lakes

PDF general SLCWD FAQ's by Tom Burns

Winter Closing Recommendations
Lake Access brochure, 2015 and separately, Lake Access for Renters, 2015
SLCWD Ordinances Page
Public Records Act Guidelines
Employee Handbook........................................Employment Application PDF
Sewer Testing Requirements
Sale or extensive remodel requires installation of water efficient fixtures - Ordinance 97 (PDF)
(see the end of section II)
Water Line Testing on Sale of a Residence
Instructions for Hooking Up Water/Sewer see also attachment drawing
Drawings: common trench (1); water/sewer layout (2); sewer trench (3); lateral cleanout ass. (4); sewer installation (5)
Water-Sewer Application
Erosion Control Guidelines (1.4 meg)
lake volume and depths
Lead and Copper and our water article by Bill Quesnel, general manager
Discussion document about charging based on metered water usage in Serene Lakes
Lake Water Quality Study (Fall, '13) by Horizon (dated 12/14)
Serene Lakes Aquatic Plant Survey (2013)
Consumer Confidence for 2009 prepared 6/10 and the report in plain language
Consumer Confidence for 2010 prepared 5/11 and the report in plain language
Consumer Confidence for 2011, prepared 5/12
Consumer Confidence for 2012, prepared 6/13
Consumer Confidence Report for 2013, prepared 6/14
Consumer Confidence Report for 2014, prepared 6/15
Consumer Confidence Report for 2016
maps - various
Water Supply Assessment discussion - prelude to the PowerPoint below (PDF)
Water Supply Assessment Powerpoint PDF 1,2 meg How much water do we have?
Placing propane underground - consideration for sewer and water laterals PDF
Some Local Links
Serene Lakes Property Owners' Association
Donner Summit Area Association
Donner Summit Historical Society
Explore Donner