3 year Utility Infrastructure
October 4, 2010

The SLCWD has been working on a number of improvements to the infrastructure
over the three years from 2008 to 2010. They are done.

Improvements are Summarized in a report by district managing engineer, Bill Quesnel.
The summary includes facts and figures and is an impressive read. For example, 11 miles of
sewer line have been explored with TV cameras all the places where water could get in
during Spring melt have been fixed. That means we don't have to pay to process snowmelt
that used to be sent over the hill to DSPUD. That saves money. Our guys have done a great
job making the system run more efficiently, smoothly, and safely.

New Sewage Plant

In conjunction with the Donner Summit Public Utility District the SLCWD is working on a
new sewer plant which will have to be completed by April, 2014 to meet the State "cease
and desist" order. A combined district advisory committee has been working since 2009 on
plant capacity and design. In early 2011 the districts will be working on environmental impact
reports for the State and the USFS (the sewer plant sits on USFS property) and holding a "218"
vote to approve the rates that will be needed for the mandatory new plant.

article regarding the needed improvements to sewage plant
DSPUD facility plan Fall, 2010 for the new sewage plant..... 13 meg PDF